Valentine’s hot pink, ready for the future dresses.

Jan 19, 2023

I posted earlier this year where I shared that Magenta is what color has been announced for 2023. In  case you missed it you can find the full article here. The color Magenta is bold and bright. It’s supposed to be a new beginning and a way to take the future with confidence and boldness.

It’s a very rich, warm, and vibrant pink. Most people will probably just call it a fuchsia. So I selected my favorite dresses in this color. I think they are great for Valentine’s Day since it’s coming up. What a great way I think to show up wearing hot pink rather than traditional red this year. Whether to a dinner date, a girl’s night out, or to church.

The dresses I have selected are all on sale. I selected colors for every size, budget, height, you name it. I haven’t selected one yet. I do know my skin has a lot of yellow undertones so I will portably select whichever dress has the richest pink tone that goes well with my skin.


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On to a different topic, something I have been seeing written by a few of my favorite sustainable brands, is the slogan: READY FOR THE FUTURE. Whether they use it in reference to the color or because they are making clothes that are more sustainable… The meaning is different in each case. But I like it!

Be ready for the future.

Are we ready for the future? Lately I have had to rebalance at home making sacrifices for the future vs, trying to also live well I the present. The present sets the foundation fora good future. But living well for me as an adult is a lot harder than I thought. Psychologists say that if you think about the future you will feel anxious. Thinking about the past can bring up regrets. So the present is all we got.

So I have been working on rebalancing my present situation. Sometimes I don’t even realize that I am secretly running all day. Running away from pain. Trying to avoid challenges or solve problems. All while trying to create a good foundation for our future. I do that with money. I try NOT to spend it all so we can have savings in the future. I AVOID credit cards so I don’t have to pay interest in the future. I also SAVE so we can have time to relax in the future.

Then I try to fix my present by trying to change the things that I don’t like in my current situation. It never stops. Sometimes it’s more my fault because I am too slow to act on the things that I already know I should be doing. Other times it’s a game of patience. Waiting for the things that want to happen to actually occur. It’s a delicate balance.

I do that with every aspect of my life. Even clothes. When I buy a dress I sometimes look at my budget and it’s tempting to buy 1 pant, 1 shirt, and 1 dress for the same price I could buy a more sustainable dress only. But then I know a year from now I will no longer be liking the cheap pant, shirt, and dress I bought. So if I can hold my horses and make a better decision and only buy 1 sustainable dress, maybe I can help the planet, buy something that will last me a lifetime, and look back in the future and thank myself for not falling for the consumerism trap.

It takes effort to be intentional. It takes wits to build a strong foundation. It takes a little bit of overthinking things sometimes. I’m learning that it’s ok to be that way. I accept how slow I can be at what I do. Life is a game after all. Let’s play it slowly and methodically like chess.

If you do like one of these dressed and buy it, please send me a comment below! I’d love to hear how it worked out for you!

P.S You can register and create an account to get an extra discount at checkout.

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