Hello, we’re the Essuman’s!

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My name is Serena Essuman. I am a mom of 4 children and I currently live in Utah. I was born in Italy where I lived for most of my life and then moved with my family to the Canary Islands (Spain) where I lived during my High School years.



Let's keep it real!

Let's keep it real!

My name is Serena. I was born in Italy where I lived for most of my life. I later on moved with my family to the Canary Islands (Spain) where I lived during my High School years. After that I moved to the US and went to Brigham Young University where I studied Spanish with a minor in Italian. That’s where I met my husband, David.

David has a Bachelor in Psychology. For now over a decade, David has loved working with people and friends as a Real Estate Broker helping them to make the right decision with the biggest investments of their lives.

Among our other business ventures we have owned a Crumbl Cookies bakery. We have since moved on to one of our other passions and have become owners of a Haircut Salon for children. Most currently we have opened a Chiropractic Clinic.

As a family we do acting and modeling together.

I also have a Real Estate License and a Mortgage License. I recently started studying Interior Design and am a licensed Fitness Instructor and Makeup Artist.

As a family love to read books and to continuously educate ourselves. I strive to be well educated on many subjects so that I can share the most accurate information with you in a world where there is so much misinformation.

I believe in reserving some of our time to be creative, and in giving it our best even when accomplishing the simplest of tasks. I love an organized and neat home. I love to raise our children. I consider myself an old fashioned housewife.

Cooking, music and dancing are our top favorite creative things to do at home.

You’ll find that we are pretty minimalistic in our lives.

To unwind we love to go on bike rides and walks. We also love the city life. We love to shop and eat at good restaurants, by that I mean the ones that serve lots of veggies, well cooked steak, fish, and food made from scratch. We often travel back to beautiful Europe and across the rest of the globe.

We are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I have battled and but always overcome depression thanks to amazing therapists and my own personal research which I like to share on this blog.

I created this blog to share with everyone everything that we know, everything that makes us happy and what we are learning that works.

This digital record is also dedicated to my children and grandchildren that they may come and find what grandma or mom cooked, and what we did to not just survive family life, but be an absolute pro at it.

This blog is about helping people enrich and elevate their life at home and their everyday life.