The colour Magenta of 2023 that you don’t want to miss

Dec 28, 2022

Have you ever wondered, if there is an order to the clothes we see at stores? Well say no more, because there is. This year for example has a color that has already been announced. It is the colour magenta.

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The Colour Magenta

Often times when it comes to clothes we just walk into a store,  just trust what is being proposed to us, find something cute to us, and we buy. We trust the company to have sold us the latest trends and to have produced what will look cute.We trust famous influencers online, and what the popular girls in schools wear. As adults we trust what we see on magazines and on other moms and women.

But that is not the right foundation to a closet.

Rarely do we question as masses whether there was a consensus on which colors to publish. Rarely do we even question if what is being proposed to us will even look good put on and is truly fashion forward.

So I’d like to show you the order to all of this world chaos.

Not all brands will sell the right collections, with the right colors, styled the right way.

Not everything in store windows are well put together. And the number one thing that I want to let everyone know about, is the fact that there are indeed a few staple colors that do come out each season that one can wear if you are a fashion lover like myself and want to wear the latest and look good and well put together.

The Colour Magenta

Do you think about who decides what will be in style first, and which colors will be in style during a specific season? Like in the Movie the Devil Wears Prada mentions, there are a few designers that sit on top of the world and come up with their latest collection, and then there is everyone else after copying and imitating and adding their flair and twist to decisions that have already been  made.

So here is a little secret I am going to let you that we all followed in Italy growing up.

Every year the top fashion companies release a few colors that are going to be in style for the season or the entire year. 

Those colors become the foundation for the majority of collections throughout the year.

They will be used by many fashion stylists, interior designers, and every brand for furniture, clothes, paints, household goods, appliances, curtains, shoes, socks, bras, sweaters, coats…

Growing up in Italy, I loved that every season, announcements were made as to which one or two colors were going to be in style. Fashion magazines talked about it, and even the news.

Soon most Italian boutiques would put together beautiful outfits with the corresponding colors. Going window shopping made me drool over clothes like looking at a 20 carat diamond.

This is still done to this day. During my latest trip at the end of the summer, I loved overhearing women going window shopping and commenting how military green was going to be the color for fall.

Playing with color is so exciting, and adds an element of fun and variation in one’s closet.

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Before you plan on turning your life and closer and in a full Magenta feast, hold up!

Although there is nothing wrong with it, it doesn’t mean it will be the only color available in stores, and the one everyone should wear. But it’s definitely a fun color worth adding to one’s closet.

What’s magenta color?

Just recently in the United States, it was announced, that the pantone color of the year for 2023 will be… drumroll please Viva Magenta.


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The Pantone color of the year 2022 was called Very Peri.

This gorgeous deep blue with a hint of purple, which is also extremely warm, was used for many wool sweaters this 2022 fall and winter in fashion collections, and released by many notable fashion brands. You can click on the photo or here to purchase it.

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Pantone is mostly followed by interior designers, but you can still expect in the near future to see this color being used quite a bit.

Now does that mean that your entire closet should become magenta in the next little while or so? Once again, please don’t do that. Just know that now you can follow this little trick to make sense of what colors are in style the most. Just be open to play with this color this year.

NOW HERE IS A HUGE HINT: Depending on your skin tone, you will most likely need to find the right variation of magenta that is perfect for you. That could even mean you will opt for a more pale baby pink version of this color. If you are confused as to how to achieve, this feel free to send me a message, and reach out to me on social media by clicking here. I will help you guide you through how to decide this. I also do closet consultations for $100 to anyone who wants to start and learn a few basics to better their decision making skills when it comes to their closet.

I particularly love when new colors are released because it allows me to explore and play with shades that I may have not before.

For example, last year I bought my very first swim suit in that blue tone. And can I say that I had no idea I could fall in love with such a color so much.

It paired with my skin in a beautiful way and allowed me to finally break free from the traditional blue jean colors I was used to and add some variety to my life by starting from my own closet.

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Pantone recently wrote a quote about their opinion of viva magenta. I absolutely love their quotes because I have been praying lately that as a nation and world, we can become bold again, and find new horizons, hopes, and desires for a better future as a humanity. So I hope this color can remind everyone of that as we work towards our goals and our hopes for our own individual future.




On twitter they posted:

“ An unconventional shade for an unconventional time “

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Remember that this color will NOT be the only color in style. In fashion there are also seasons, and multiple colors will be released, in fact I am going to share next in the near future which ones are the variety of colors for fall and winter 2022-2033.


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