How to match clothes to create a flawless wardrobe

Jan 10, 2023

What is a good closet?

A good closet is a closet with different colors, and items that are interchangeable that go well together in style.

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Different styles need to have tops, bottoms and shoes that complement each other in oder to look good once worn all together. 

I love to work with solid colors a lot, especially for busy women, working moms, busy moms. Solid colors without a lot of patterns and logos are easier to intermix and to select out of a closet the night before, when needing to get dressed fast or when running late. 

There are two things a woman needs to keep in mind when putting clothes together. Style and colors. You need to match clothes colors. Colors match when they are opposite on the color wheel. Or when paired with neutral colors such as White, Black, and Beige.

Just like there are modern homes and victorian homes, when it comes to clothes there are also different styles that don’t all go together. There are bohemian clothes, and formal clothes for example. They are both different and even though a sweater and pants are both white, it doesn’t mean they are going to look good when styled together. It takes an art and lots of time to master intermixing styles and is something that can be added upon like a building block to a skyscraper, once the base has been mastered.

The basics of a closet are to learn to match colors and work with colors when placing outfits together. But it does’t end there. Just because pink and green work well together as contrasting colors, it doesn’t mean that any green skirt will match any pink sweater. 

The intensity of both colors and hue also needs to match. The style of a shirt needs to match the style of the pants. 

There is an art behind how pieces can be put together, and I have been working at mastering it since I was a very little girl before I started writing about it in here. 

This art with time and effort can be mastered by anyone.

I’ll keep it short and sweet for today. And to give you one style idea I am sharing a sport’s outfit with two complimentary colors. Pink and blue. They are both the same intensity and same fabric. I matched them with sporty jackets as well. Also, don’t forget to follow me on the app like to know it if you would like. Each of these items can be purchased here as well by clicking the pictures below. Otherwise you can shop my favorite selections at the bottom of my home page where I save my latest finds and the things I purchase.

These can be intermixed with other items, but each individual item is also a staple and foundational piece for any woman’s closet. 

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Serena Essuman


Serena Essuman

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