Moms everyday outfits ideas, starting with a Holiday One!

Dec 14, 2022


I am super excited to get back at blogging a lot more than the past. 

Truth is blogging is a really hard journey and one’s gotta want it for it to work. Making money with it is a beast and learning how to rank on google is even harder.

But the reason why I have decided to still do it is because I really REALLY love it. 

I consider myself a teacher at heart. But right now I am a mom and I don’t want to go teach boring stuff at schools. Instead I am very passionate about other subjects in life.

One of them is the one that I am going to discuss today! 

Fashion and clothes! ParticuarlyI want to focus on moms everyday outfits ideas.

I remind myself every time I write here, that if I can help but one person or change someone’s life it is worth it. So here I am putting my skills out there to hopefully help someone in return. 

Keep in mind that my goal is not to select fast fashion items. 

By that I mean clothes that you will wear and wash twice and you will be wondering why you ever thought it was a good buy. 

My goal is for every woman or girl out there to have a closet they love so much that every item in it, is their favorite and will last.

So I try to do that with some balance. If I find a good deal I will post it in here. But otherwise I will post the best of the best of what I can find because I want you to love what you spend your hard earned money on. I want you to love it for more than one winter, and I want you to feel like a queen when you put your clothes on, even if you may not end up spending your day out in public and being seen by everyone. 

You do this for you first and then everyone else. 

For TODAY I am will share my first board. It’s a very elegant outfit that I think it’s perfect for Christmas or New Years. I got it for myself as well. I chose it because it’s still comfortable enough so I can bend, chase after little kids, but not compromise on being warm and still elegant for church or a party or a nice walk in the city. 

An elegant Christmas reminds me of parties and white and gold. What a perfect way to celebrate by not only decorating the tree, but also wearing something festive. 

the skirts runs a little big so I would suggest to go a size down. I paired with 3 different styles of shoes. Two of them are originally handmade in Italy and made by the one and only Jimmy Choo. His shoes are timeless pieces and glitter gold is a color they have mastered for many many years now. For the sweater I can also recommend a more sustainable brand if you are looking for 100%  pure cashmere which you can find here instead.


Ann Taylor xmas New Years fashion outfit

Moms everyday outfits ideas



So here they are and you can click on each item to see where they are from below, and their price and purchase.

When purchasing from one of my links it doesn’t change pricing or anything, but by purchasing from one of my lists I make a super small kick back which in return compensates me for the time I put into putting these items together.

I would love for you to help me  by using one of these links if you decide to purchase any of these.

 Don’t worry everything is anonymous and I won’t even see who bought it. 





Also I will be posting LATER this week my Christmas list of gifts and how we have found a way to never be disappointed with what we open under the tree the hubby and I. 

Followed next by how I started to curate and create a perfect closet where I love everything that is  in it. 



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