Triple Berry Trifle

May 26, 2021

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Mother’s Day is already long gone, but this year I wanted to still post about it because it was the first year in a long time where things went so so smooth. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have huge expectations out of it. Maybe it’s because this year I wasn’t nursing a baby and had a full night of rest for the first time. Maybe it’s because In the past I often tried to plan things for everyone and sometimes things didn’t go as planned.

Other years when the kids were little I remember being so tired. Mother’s day was the day David luckily would let me sleep in, or take a nap so I could enjoy the day. I also always wanted to make sure everyone else had a special day still so that meant I would end up doing lots of cooking and baking and end up tired. One year was really tough for me because I had a relative be not so nice to me and the mean words said on the phone call resonated with me all day making me so sad. I could not shake off what had happened for the rest of the day and I just remember that it made me not want to celebrate the day anymore.

I am not saying it was all always doom and gloom. One thing I always knew when the children were younger is that they did care so much about me and always made it a point to prepare a special note and make breakfast for me. They have always genuinely made it a point to try and cook breakfast for me and wanted to make pancakes or waffles even when Davide and Siena were only 3 and 5. I used to often pitch in and help a little.

This year though was different because I think it was the first time that a week in advance it was them who reminded me that the day was just around the corner, and they were often talking amongst themselves trying to make preparations and thinking of their own little way to come up with something super special.

They were the ones who came up to me and asked me if I would like pancakes or waffles, and what my favorite flowers were. The Friday before, while at the store, Siena and Dorian snuck two Mother’s Day cards into my grocery cart while I was talking to a friend, without me even noticing until we arrived at check out. Davide placed my favorite chips in the cart as well.

The night before Sunday we had just arrived from a trip and they kept asking me questions about Mother’s Day.

I told them that what I looked forward the most was to please help me to keep the home clean in the morning so that during the day we could all just relax and not have a lot of work to do.

Dorian, Davide and Siena all slept in the same room, and the next morning they were up bright and early around 7 talking happily amongst each other while showering and getting ready for church all on their own. They made their beds and cleaned their rooms just like I had asked and ran downstairs to make breakfast.

David helped them make it since he knew I loved German Pancakes which are also super simple to make. While they were cooking I got dressed and ready for the day.

So I got my wish of a clean home, we all had an early start in the day, and then an awesome day spent together. Because the day was so great I stepped into the kitchen and made this dessert that I adapted from Williams Sonoma.

So I will no longer bore you with my stories and I hope you will enjoy this as much as we did.

I wrote up lots of different notes on the recipe and adaptations. Hopefully it will help you out along the way. For an easier version try and just buying an angel food cake and you’ll only have to make the cream.

Adapted from here.

Serena Essuman


Serena Essuman

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