How to organize your pantry

Apr 30, 2021

Organizing! It looks simple, but it’s not as easy as one would think.

You know when you are good at something, but you never think of why you are good at it and the systems that you use?

We see so many beautiful organizing hacks like the ones used by the Neat Method. They make us drool over organization, but sometimes we buy those organizational items or two and we still can’t achieve what we see.

It helps when we got the room, closets, square footage, light and airy home to do it.

But we owe it to any home in which we live to be at neat and organized.

And today we are going to focus on how to organize. Particularly how to organize the pantry.

So here are a few of my tips

1. Label your sections

When it comes to pantry organization you want to label the different shelves, sections, and areas that you use.

Think breakfast, snacks, dessert, baking, dinner, condiments.

Create little areas for each of these food items. So if you like to snack and buy chips and nuts for that and granola bars. Put those in the same area.

If you bake and use flour, sugar, baking powder, chocolate chips, coconut, and raisins place those in the same area as well.

If you like to buy drinks and juices keep those all together in there.

2. Remove boxes

Unbox items the minute you come home. Because once you start eating granola bars and other boxed goods they will eventually be half empty which will result in wasted space and clutter.

Resort to using baskets for any of these items that come in boxes, but are individually wrapped inside.

Think pop corn, crackers, fruit snacks, granola, chips, nuts. All the items and goodies we often purchase from wholesale wearhouses and that are meant to grab and go. Make them even easier to grab and go by placing them directly in a basket. Could be large or small. Your choice.

I use 4 super deep large ones and don’t mind intermixing snacks. I just know they are there and ready to grab. I’ll place them indifferent corners throughout the box to so they are together.

3. Work flow

Organized based on your workflow.

When you come in the pantry what would you want to grab first thing. I often use spices ans need them in a hurry when I’m frying food so I keep those closest to my pantry door.

I also keep my air fryer and pressure cooker right by the door for easy access. My toaster is right there too.

Next up I hide items I don’t need. So the chocolates and goodies I place them as higg as possible away from me.

I also like to keep heavy items like flour and rice jars at my hip level so I don’t have to bend to measure them and I don’t have to reach up high when grabbing them either. I also want them off the ground to avoid bugs from getting into them.

4. Use storage solutions

There are often lots of odd bags and items in boxes. For those I like to use clear containers and boxes. Things that go stale once opened too like raisins, beans, coconut, pop corn kernels. They tend to still too since they come in clear plastic wrap from the store. Those look neater when placed in plastic containers.

When purchasing containers buy them all in the same size for these items so it will be easier to stack them next to each other or on top of each other. Measure the average weight of your products. For example a lot of boxes with dryed goods will hold about 16 to 24 oz. when purchasing containers make sure they have enough capacity for that average size plus some in case you buy more then one box at a time.

Powders in the pantry look always great inside a clear container too. Like spiraling, coca powder, baking soda and baking powder.

The next size up will be for the larger powders such as sugar, flour, rice, beans, pastas, semolina flour, cereal, pancake mix. Once you start and find the right containers for your items you could literally fit anything in clear containers which will look really good.

During the process of organizing. I have since moved the snacks up high so away from me and the kiddos 😀, and the larger jars down a whole shelf.

This may seem like it will mess up your original sectioning method, but not everything will go in clear boxes, so for the items that won’t still keep them in boxes in your delineated sections like the breakfast area or the snacking section.

Baskets, bottles, and more baskets.

5. Act like it’s a store

Things in stores are kept together. So tomato sauces will be all in the same place, stacked one in front of each other or one above the other. Most cans can be easily stacked together.

Keep all your canned goods in one area as well and it will look a lot more neat.

If you have 2 bottles of oil place them one next to the other or one in front of the other.

Place items facing you if you can that way you can easily recognize them.

Organize them based on expiration date.

Place the items that will experience first in front of you so you’ll grab them first.

6. What the eye sees

Last but not least if you have the room leave a little bit of spacing between items to give it a more organized look. This cannot always be possible. But if you have the space for it, try and leave room between items.

Also place things off the floor. Try to avoid using your ground for storage. It’s also unsanitary because bugs can crawl in food, and it makes it easier to clean the floor if it’s cluttered.

By rule they have to do it in food establishments so why wouldn’t we do it in our own homes if we can.

I sure hope all these tips will help you. Last but not least, don’t over buy. It’s important to have food storage, but it’s also ok not to hoard unwanted items. And yes do have long lasting food storage items, those are the ones that can go way up high since hopefully you won’t be using them any time soon. Let’s hope for never or just the year they are about to expire.


Serena Essuman


Serena Essuman

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