Holiday Traditions

Nov 14, 2020

Here it comes. It’s the most wonderful time of the year again.

My son was asking me the other day what are we going to do since the world seems to be set out to cancel the holidays.

I couldn’t imagine not being able to celebrate the holidays with a special family member.

It’s interesting how I am always better at giving my kids advice that I should take for my own self.

Because the words that came to my mind in that moment were that we should not let any of these things interfere between us going after the things we want in life.

I do understand that for some of us Christmas may look more slim this year. Or perhaps we may be facing extreme fears about what is about to come.

I have learned that when we sit and dwell on those fears they distract us from doing the things that matter most and that are most productive and that will take us out of our place of fear.

So as we get ready to kick start Thanksgiving and Christmas my hope is that we’ll try and have that Holiday spirit with us no matter what our Holidays will look like this year.

Which brings me to talk a little about Holiday traditions.

Our decor was our cute Christmas tree that we had owned for year that came with one particular set of lights that resembled the Japanese lanterns. They were colorful and flickered.

Our tree has many decorations made by us over the years and all the green, silver, and red balls.

My parents would hide our presents until Christmas morning so that we would believe that Santa was the one who would bring them the night before.

But some things I loved was that my mom would wrap these hazelnut chocolates all around our Christmas tree. We then were allowed everyone in a while to snatch one up from under the tree and eat it until they were all gone.

Because we were in Italy I think food was a major part of our holidays. One particular bread that we loved was panettone. It came in chocolate flavors, vanilla, almond glazed, and with candied nuts. We loved eating it around the holidays.

And then there came more chocolates. Ferrero Rocher was one of my favorite types of chocolates. And I am glad that Costco does sell them always around this time of the year.

Last but not least for us are the family board games. Especially during the holidays. I love to play them with my siblings especially or just us at home.

When David and I got married the first Black Friday as newly weds we liked up target and mostly stocked up on board games. We still own those very same games and have played them countless times.

Except for one game. ROOK. Can you believe that we have owned this game for 13 years and we haven’t played it once.

We have taken it to friends houses in hope someone would select it and play it with us amongst the pile of other games.

I even had my brother read the instructions for us and try to teach it to us, but sadly for us, no one has ever gotten motivated enough to wanna play it in the end.

So I’ll share instead a few of my Favorite games instead that sure catch our family’s interest.

Serena Essuman


Serena Essuman

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