Our favorite finds for our second home on the lake

Sep 5, 2020

Recently we had to redecorate our condo in Utah County.

We love Utah County. We have lived there for the past 14 years. Close to the same amount of time I have lived in my native land, ITALY. So I can officially say it’s my home now.

We have been traveling a lot this past year and while we got a place in St. George as well, we come up all the time for David’s work, to visit friends, activities, etc.

I love this particular unit that we got because it’s right on the lake and now when we are up there we feel as if we were on vacation on a long distant oasis. Sometimes I feel like I am in Michigan or the Hamptons. Ok, maybe not quite that fancy, but it feels like a super happy place.

Getting this place ready, was a lot less stressful than decorating our own home. I realized through the process that when we don’t have huge expectations we actually end up more satisfied.

I was asked to share all of my condo decor ideas. When it comes to my personal home, I always think of what style I am going for, and I want to buy pieces that will outlast the years and trends.

I want something luxurious and timeless. That makes every decision so stressful. My overall theme is always a classical modern look and minimalistic.

With our condo instead, I told ourselves we wanted to just have fun and get cute prices. So we did.

Turns out I was way happier with our purchases.

I also ended up linking a few cute pieces for my brother and his awesome wife that are newly weds.

So I thought I’d share it in here as well.

Here is the board I put together for them.

Their living room has a black leather couch. The walls are white and floors are a nice cheery honey wood color so I tried to choose pieces that were very neautral and that would complement the space and kind of keep the flow throughout the room.

They have a few cute planes throughout their current living room so I didn’t choose a ton of greenery except for the fog trees.

I added a few gold accents as well.

So here it goes. Have a happy Memorial Day weekend.

And here is our condo living room. I will post the kids room, master, and dining room a bit later. I did link our living room table already here in the mean time since I know it’s on major sale and won’t be coming back in stock this time.

You can also find our couches here.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone.

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Serena Essuman


Serena Essuman

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