Feb 21, 2023

Whether life gets hard or we just need little nuggets of knowledge, moms have a lot to teach. So lately I have been compiling some of the things that I teach the kids. I like to refer to there MOM QUOTES for when life gets tough  and we need small little sentences to remind us how to act in different life scenarios.

mom quotes for son and daughter

Truth is I am a way better teacher to my kids than I am to my own self. But I love how I get to learn when I teach them.

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For some reason I often seem to be going through the similar situations as my kids. The kids I go through just happen In a different scenario. Often times I am truly struggling to make a decision or let go of something that is bothering me. And short enough in a matter of hours or a few days, I am teaching the kids about a problem they were having, when all of a sudden I realize that same answer applies exactly to my own situation I was struggling with.

mom quotes for son and daughter

I wrote it recently on instagram and described it just like this:

I teach my kids, but truly they teach me.

When I teach them that consistency is key, I remember when I haven’t been consistent.

When I tell them they are quitting too soon, I remember where I have been quitting too soon.

When remind the success is closer than they think, if they just persist long enough, I remember I need to persist a little longer in my own pursuits.

When I tel them to be their own best friends, I remember I have been my own worst critic.

What I learn as I teach them, It’s what I call a slap of realizations of what I haven’t been doing. Metaphorically, not literally. LOL!

My kids push me to want to be better for them. They push me to be braver and amore persistent.

They teach me to be humble.

I love them more than myself. But loving myself is what I need to do to show them how to become the best version of themselves.

mom quotes for son and daughter

So lately I have been compiling the things that I teach them as we go in life. I have putting together the little quotes and nuggets of knowledge that I get as I am teaching them and creating my own quote collages. I don’t write them down out of pride, but because I want them to be remembered. I need these quotes myself sometimes when things get tough and I forget where the answers are after all.

Here are a few more:

mom quotes for son and daughter


mom quotes for son and daughter

mom quotes for son and daughter

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