How to select better quality clothes

Jan 3, 2023

I come from 3 generations of women who have loved to be little shop owners.

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My great grandmother owned her own hair salon in the little town of Asiago, Italy. Yes, where the Asiago cheese comes from. My grandmother owned her own store that sold baby goods for many years near Vicenza. Her own sister also owned a small shop that sold laundry goods in Asiago for many years.

At the age of 16 my mom knew how much I loved fashion and how much I was studying all the town stores when we moved to the Canary Islands to live. Stores there didn’t even seem a competition to me being that I had come from Italy and I knew what the current trends were. I would envision which brands I could sell.

So when a new shopping center in town was being built, my mom started asking how to rent a little place. She knew I liked beauty and fashion. So she often went back and forth with me as to whether I wanted to open my own hair salon or my own little fashion clothing boutique. We sometimes spoke about getting vendors approved and I already knew which jeans brands I liked and what I would have selected.

Unfortunately my dreams came to a stop because my mom past away suddenly at the age of 18. I also ended up going to college, which looking back was the complete opposite of what I loved. I am forever grateful for my college education, but what I was passionate about kind of wasn’t taught there.

18 years later, half a life time later, I a circling back to what I love most. This time ready to do it without my mom, but with all of her teachings in my heart and my beautiful children as my guide instead, and my husband and best friend as my best support in life. And here I am writing about it to you.

I share not only about clothes, but also about lifestyle and food. Because the dolce vita is a real thing and I am grateful for the knowledge I have that has been vital to stay within budget and keep our family healthy while raising my own children and taking care of my husband as a stay-at-home mom.

One tip I am going to share today when it comes to selecting bold and beautiful clothes for women is:


  1. Don’t compromise. Wait and save your pennies to buy the best of the best. Fill your closet with things you love only.

2 . If you need to wait a couple of days to make a decision do it. The things you like will come back to you over time. The things you don’t you will forget about.

3.  Buy pieces that fit your personality, your eye, your skin tones, you body shape.

4.  Figure out what kind of clothes make you feel who you are or who you want to be and feel.

If you are needing help to shop clothes for women and especially if you are busy and want to shop cloths online, I am here to help.

My job is to select classic pieces that are elegant, stylish, timeless, and to find the best deals possible when I can. I will keep posting my finds and saving what I find on my home and fashion tabs as I go.

You can go and find some of those favorite pieces there already.

Tune in later this  week’s tip on how to spot  quality clothes when shopping. I’ll be posting about it on Thursday!


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Serena Essuman


Serena Essuman

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