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Dec 20, 2022


Welcome to my Motherhood lifestyle blog. I wanted to share a quick story as to how I have been working on curating the perfect wardrobe essentials where I love everything in it. 

Five years ago I had my 4th baby and I also turned 30 just 6 days after. It was during that time that I knew I wanted to get back in shape, but more importantly I knew that I needed a new closet. 

This time I was in my adult shape and one that I knew I was going to keep and maintain. But more importantly I also knew that now that I was officially ready to consider myself an adult, I wanted to dress better. 

I knew I had a few items in my closet that I loved and reached for all the time. And then I also had many items I really disliked but kept out of pity. That’s when its occurred me, what if I could slowly work on creating a closet where everything in it was something I loved. 

I wanted a more elegant closet. I was ready to finally embrace fur, leather, sequins, glitter, pinks, and heels. 

My ideal closet is one that is a bit minimalistic but not quite a capsule closet because that is not enough clothes for me haha. A MINIMALIST ELEGANT WARDROBE.

I also knew I still wanted to be warm during winter, comfortable and light during summer, and own clothes that I could easily wash and maintain. Not to mention I wanted to keep a little bit of young and hip and vibrancy with my clothes. 

I went onto a journey to find the perfect wardrobe essentials. 

 I am from Italy and I go there once a year where I spend weeks walking around different cities and studying all the latest trends, colors of the year, how to put things together. Italians love to be super chic but also comfortable.


Because they walk a lot their goal is to be warm, cozy, elegant, but also still very comfortable. They also live in smaller homes so they need to be able to fit in their smaller closets their clothes. But Italians like to own the best of the best.

When selecting clothes they look at the materials, where they are made, and the quality of the zippers, buttons, stitching, and craftsmanships. 

Even when starting my own closet evolution I knew that the Italian and the mom in me still needed these elements in my closet. 

So I went on a slow journey to master what pieces I wanted to own and which styles would accomplish every check box on my impossible fashion list. Slowly I started building a really fun closet and no longer needing other’s peoples advice and opinions to select what I knew was good. But not only for my self, but also for others.

I read books on fashion. Books on how to dress, how to color match, skin tone matching to our clothes, the history of clothes and sustainability. Clothing construction. I also got my professional makeup artist license, floral design license. They may seem random but they are all arts that revolve so much around the world of fashion and beauty. 

 I know often am stopped at stores by other women who hear me talking and start asking me fashion opinions. So I decided to transfer my knowledge and my favorite picks on to this digital platform. To start today here is a super fun easy closet few staples and top favorite picks that I selected for you. 

An elegant street sneaker in nude colors. Perfect for winter and also very versatile since it’s a neutral color that will match so many outfits. A winter wide leg would pant, and the perfect lipstick meant to match every skin tone, plus a few more. Here are my top picks for today: 


When purchasing from one of my links it doesn’t change pricing or anything, but by purchasing from one of my lists I make a super small kick back which in return compensates me for the time I put into putting these items together.

I would love for you to help me by using one of these links if you decide to purchase any of these.

Also coming next week,  I will talk more about finding my why. After listening to many podcasts, praying, reading books, how I have decided to write my lifestyle blog and how others can also apply that for their own journey and personal decisions. 

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Serena Essuman


Serena Essuman

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