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Dec 16, 2022

couple’s gifts

Struggling to find the perfect couple’s gift for Christmas? Here are 10 ideas for comfortable and stylish gifts that are sure to please. Get creative and surprise your significant other with something unique this holiday season.

Since Christmas is right around the corner, I wanted to talk about how to find the perfect couple’s gift every time. Finding gifts can be often stressful. It’s like trying to read someone’s’ mind when a person is ever changing. Add the stress of making use the money one works had for is put to good use. Gifts can really turn into a cause of a fight between a couple rather than a moment of joy and gratitude.

Every year, for now over a decade, my husband asks me what I want for my birthday, or Mother’s Day, or Valentine’s Day, or Christmas.

When we first got married he would sometimes spend the little money we had on very cute gifts. But I would then notice that I would start to soon feel remorse after receiving the gift. I would look at the bank account, think of what I would have chosen if I had the chance to be in the store.

I liked what my husband would get me, but I am a minimalist who does not like to purchase things unless I absolutely need something. That quick turned into a horrible couple’s gift experience.

For many years I also failed to be very SPECIFIC whenever my husband would ask me in advance for advice on what I would like as a present.

For many years my answer would be something like this: “ I don’t know! Some clothes maybe! Something cute. Something comfortable! Surprise me!”

What I didn’t realize whenever I was saying those words, was that in my brain I had a perfectly good list of items I actually absolutely wanted. See I am the kind of person that wants to be surprised and wowed. But only with what I absolutely love. Now you might not work this way. And that is totally ok.

I thrive on budgets and for me when I spend our family’s money it has to go to good use.

But I still like the idea of a wrapped present. I love the experience of opening a box with something inside. Taking pictures with it. Opening presents reminds me of my childhood when my mom did surprise me with something she knew I had wanted for a long time. But as a kid I was easier to please since I only liked barbies and Disney movies. I was a lot more specific as to what I wanted too.

Yes I have made it difficult on my husband many times. I want a present and to be surprised, but it has to be exactly what I have been imagining in my mind. This process has made my husband almost give up on getting me anything for Christmas. Our couple’s gift experience was so bad that we even brought it up to a therapist to ask for some advice.

Until my husband and I came up with a strategy. I would write a list in order of how much I love an item, and place 10 items that I absolutely love.

The list will go from 1 through 10. My husband did the same thing.

We have decided at our home that we will get 3 gifts each for Christmas and then a nice one for Valentine’s Day, our Birthday, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and our Wedding Anniversary.

We take our top ten list share and share it with each other. We can buy items in order from number one down or buy them out of order. But at least we know what we absolutely love and there is no mistake or a bad surprise on Christmas morning.

We still get a gift and we don’t have anyone weirded out by a weird casserole dish or some random department store gift that was picked up on the middle isle for the other person thinking: “ Mmm, he might like this!”

Haha. David and I have both done that the first few years of marriage.

So for the Christmas and upcoming sales seasons, I wanted to share all the things that I have found that are on sale that are super trendy and comfortable right now for moms. These are also items I have asked my husband for.

I put together some super cute mom outfits.

Whether you have a teenager or preteen on hand, some of these could easily be matching clothes to be purchased.


Converse shoes presents for mom for Christmas

I also selected some items that are great for both mom and daughter.



Here are my favorite color block sweaters great with mom Jeans for the winter season: Most of these are under $100.

thumbnail img 6270

Color Block Sweaters


I also know that jeans that flare are in style right now so I picked out some super cute ones.

Not to forget velvet pants so they will be warmer and stretchy which equals comfortable.


wide leg pants

Wide Leg Pants


These are the best ideas for Christmas gifts that I personally am adding to my own Christmas list and it’s going to be super difficult to even narrow down to just a few.






thumbnail img 6269 2

Comfortable but elegant



So here they are and you can click on each item to see where they are from, and their price and purchase.

When purchasing from one of my links it doesn’t change pricing or anything, but by purchasing from one of my lists I make a super small kick back which in return compensates me for the time I put into putting these items together.

I would love for you to help me by using one of these links if you decide to purchase any of these.




Don’t worry everything is anonymous and I won’t even see who bought it.

Merry Christmas!

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