Hip & Cool Christmas Presents for a Mom

Dec 15, 2022

Christmas is really really close. Yet there is still some time left and I know how it can be hard to be sitting there thinking about what to get for Christmas especially if you are mom who always thinks about others first. So what to do when being asked or when it comes to thinking about what to do as Christmas presents for a mom?

First I’m going to share the method we have come up with to solve this problem earlier on in the season. Then I am going to share my favorite Christmas presents for a mom. Especially if you have a mom who wants to look young and hip without looking too kiddish. I kept it simple. It’s from one brand with lots of variations!

This is what has worked for us lately. For the last few years I have been compiling Christmas lists for everyone starting in September or throughout the whole year.

Basically what I do is to pay attention to a toy that the kids have asked for more than once. When they do I remind them that they can ask for it for Christmas, or I just write it down on my secret list which I keep on my phone under the reminders app and it’s named “Christmas gifts.”

I do the same for myself. I save a few more expensive items for Christmas only as part of my dream list of things that can make Christmas Day a bit more exciting. Truth is I love holidays and special days.

I want them to feel special and be a bit elaborate and organized but to seem effortless.

I have noticed that if I fail to plan I have planned to fail. That means that if a special day is coming up unless I plan to the tee how I would like to feel and what I would like to do, my expectations won’t be met.

I do plan how I would like to feel, dress, and what I would like to do throughout the day for me to feel that it will be a truly special special day.

As a kid I used to think that when I watched a tv show and someone would celebrate a birthday for example, that them having a major ball or party with hundreds of people at a venue, was just what grown ups did. I thought that someday I secretly would live that way too.

As I have gotten older I have realized that if I want a day to happen that way, unless I ask for it to family and friends- mostly my husband- and plan for it, it won’t happen.

So back to Christmas time I am going to share an easy gift that is also super practical. And one of my favorite things are shoes.

These ones are not going to be elegant ones. They are comfy with crisp clean lines and a bit of sporty sass.

Converse shoes presents for mom for Christmas

My favorite Converse for mom. Young, hip, and still a little elegant.


I chose these styles for a Christmas present because it’s what I actually asked for as one of my presents. Chuncky sneakers have been in for over a year, and these ones still have a bit of elegance to them. They adapt for women who want to feel young but not look like their 16 year old daughter coming out of high school.

They are all so cute they made me wish I was a famous tik toker or influencer for Converse just so that I could buy them all.

They all have a thicker sole which is perfect for keeping the feet higher up and away from the floor so if it’s raining or snowing they won’t get feet wet or the soles as dirty.

Converse are great shoes for street wear, but also to pair with elegant outifts. Italians have been wearing tennis shoes with dresses for years now.

These shoes are also super comfortable for walking all day in the city, and they are just always in style no matter which fashion trends are going on.

The thicker soles are also particularly great because they lengthen the leg, giving a girl a more elongated leg.

When viewed from afar they basically make a person look taller and slimmer.

I am linking them all below so you can find them more easily.

So if your hubby is looking to surprise you or you are trying to figure out an easy last minute deal I hope you will like some of these.


If you are like me, I am always on the go, and this winter has been full of show everywhere. So for me my toes need to be warm. But I also wanted a shoe that is young, hip, and elegant.

So I went for Converse. I love converse shoes because it’s actually the one brand where our whole family likes to shop. No one is bored when we enter that store. They also have many of their shoes go on sale often, including some of the ones I have linked below.

I chose neutral colors that are super versatile. Here is something I also love about converse shoes. The majority of them can be washed in the washer and will hold up a wash really well. So I don’t mind buying even lighter colors. The only material I won’t wash in the washer is suede. I also make sure to wash them with like colors. Or I keep a white towel to throw in whenever I wash shoes so it can help rub away stain during the wash cycle and since it will absorb a lot of the street dirt I can then keep that towel just for future other shoe cycles.

Washing my tennis shoes has been my secret way to keep all of my shoes looking brand new for years ahead. It’s also what prevents me from getting mad at my kids for stepping on me 5 times a day at a least.

I am still trying to decide which one I will get. Which one would you choose?


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