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Sep 12, 2020

Happy weekend everyone.

School has started. We decided to homeschool one more year our two oldest kids for right now so we took two extra weeks before starting academics, but even then we couldn’t dodge for long all the activities and responsibilities that had all started back up again.

We got soccer, gymnastics, and dance going on this year after school.

Zara has officially started sports as well, and I will give her the cutest little toddler award for that.

She is doing a dance class and gymnastics.

I knew she wanted to do sports when I dropped off Dorian, Siena, and Davide for a try out at gymnastics and she kept asking to go because she had to do her gymnastics, too.

On the day of her first class she woke up requesting her leotard and she has asked for it every day ever since.

It takes a lot of effort to juggle everything. I find myself on my toes making sure I am efficient with my time and I stay on task so we have dinner at the right time and made, the house clean, kids well educated, time for prayers, and all the daily things that are important to live a well balanced life.

In a way I haven’t minded having places to be. Yes, it’s stressful to get ready to be places.

I’d have to say the hardest part is to make sure the house is clean, put all the kids in the car and make sure everyone is fed prior, is dressed properly, and make sure the little ones get their naps and are all ready to go.

But once we are out and about doing sports and in the midst of all the action, life feels good. I feel alive and our kids grow and learn.

We have so many opportunities to confront ourselves with moments of triumph and defeat, and so many teaching moments have come out from these opportunities.

I like that our kids get to also see themselves grow at what right now may seem like a slow pace, but over the years, one class after the other, I know that they will be able to look back and see their progress and watch how by not quitting they have grown and they can start seeing the rewards of their hard work and maybe through medals, competitions, performances, grow in their confidence that they have talents and that they can bring joy to others with what they do.

I love watching gymnasts and I know a lot of people appreciate a good soccer game.

I know that not all talents come from sports, but it’s one aspect that helps our bodies stay fit, healthy and there is lots of joy in movement.

As humans beings we were made to constantly be moving. We are people of action and weren’t born to just sit and be still. At least not all the time.

Because I don’t like juggling also packing the car all the time, we always prep our bags in advance.

I tell my kids all the time they should have their sports bag stocked with water, snacks, their essentials, a brush, Pins, and dance gear for Siena.

I also always keep my car ready with our game gear. And because I don’t like to have a full trunk I was so happy when we found some bottle sized chairs and a super small portable blanket for both the park ask the beach.

We have used the blanket and chairs when we went to Yellowstone this summer, on day trips to park city, or even when going on impromptu hikes in nature by a lake.

I love that they are so small i can store them in the small closed compartment of my car trunk so they don’t even cause any clutter.

Serena Essuman


Serena Essuman

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