Las Vegas Reopening and best prices ever on hotels

Jun 30, 2020

I am so happy that Las Vegas is finally reopening. We were recently there during the closures and we got to take a fun spin with our scooters and the kids.

There were literally no people on the strip. Only a few families here and there. I was sad that there was no life and that so many people could not work, but I enjoyed seeing so many kids outside and families and not have to worry about seeing anything inappropriate.

I also discovered that prices are cheaper than ever so we booked recently another little getaway strip views at one of my favorite hotels. I had wanted to stay there for so long so we finally made it happen.

If you have never used this service we also like to use this discount website here. You can make a percentage back off of purcahses at many websites and then they just send you a check quarterly for what you earn. It’s a point system and it’s absolutely free to use.

We used it to book our hotel and I made 4% back. I added the little button on top of my browser so all I have to do is click it before a purchase, and it automatically applies the discounts if the website is enrolled with them. That’s it.

Here is a link to sign up. You also can get a kick back for every friend your refer.

Here is where we stayed. We book it online and found many discounts.


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Serena Essuman


Serena Essuman

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