Favorite Summer Swimsuits 2020

Jun 22, 2020

I am so excited that summer is in full swing. With us being home for so long it almost didn’t feel like summer was starting, but more so that the day were just going by, but we are ready to start now.


I know for women especially swim suit season can be a soft spot. But I hope for a second we can just forget about body perfection and just simply celebrate the warm days and enjoy the summer and forget about what we don’t like.

I personally have often struggled to find a swim suit that was either modest enough and not too reveling, while also finding one that didn’t sinch down my skin everywhere and that would hug my shape rather than make me look like i was squeezed into spandex. 🙂

For the sake of minimalism I only shared the two that I absolutely love the most.

This summer I decided to get a few swimsuits and I was excited because I love color, and I do love that swim suits come in so many shapes and colors.

So I won’t keep you any longer and here they are.

Last but not least I wanted to include my all time favorite hat. It’s not a cheap one, but I got it because it’s so timeless and classy. I wanted a hat that would last me 20 years. This one is made of squeeshe a material that bounces back to it’s original shape. You could literally fold it, roll it, and get it wet, and when dry it goes back to it’s original form. Every summer I was getting rid of hats because they would get ruined in my suit case and this ones has stayed intact. You can find it linked below or here.

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Serena Essuman


Serena Essuman

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