Jun 1, 2020

Something that I am not too fond of, is a garage covered with items. Maybe it’s the fact that it reminds me of the not so good part of my childhood.

As a kid I grew up on a farm and we had lots of land, but also lots of areas where junk was stored. From old rusty bikes from the 1900’s to all sort of horse and farming antique tools. For an adult that may seem a vintage dream, but as a kid most of those items were covered in dust, rust, bugs, spider webs, and most disgustingly of all, big spiders.

Our farm for me often was a combination of this dreamy place filled with what seemed like old antique treasures, to areas that were so cluttered and covered with old items that I was terrified to even venture close to them. We had multiple segments around our home with covered roofs that were half closed and half open with upper and lower levels. The upper levels were all meant to store hay during winter, while the lower levels were for our animals.

Our home had began to be built in the 1600’s. My grandfather was raised on our same plot of land. While he built a brand new home for himself eventually, and my parents remodeled what was my childhood home, many areas that at some point were used as stables for horses and cows, were now just empty. A lot of the upper roof areas were now being used to store wood, but some also had many old items that who knows how many centuries old they were. I think no one wanted to bother to sort through them.

I would sometimes peek on those attics to check what was there, but I would often be greeted by a spider web on my way up, and the floors were too unstable so my parents didn’t want me to walk and wonder around. I only would go up the old wooden ladders out of curiosity to see what was there and I remember how I would see what seemed like old horse saddles or rusty old tools.

I also remember feeling so overwhelmed with how many things we often kept for those just in case days. From old tattered shoes, to pieces from broken gadgets around the home. I was often a bit scared to go to our storage closets because there were so many unknown items, and because I couldn’t even know where to start to search for anything.

So that may explain my love for clutter free spaces as an adult. Getting rid of many items takes an emotional toll and lots of energy.

ideas for garage organization

I love to keep only what I know I will use and I try and limit excess. And for me is important to have a clutter free garage and not another space that gives me a headache every time we even think about cleaning it or where my kids might be afraid to go.


Because I like to periodically wash the floors I also wanted to be able to keep things off the cement as much as possible. I kept my eyes on these items for a few years. I seriously always told myself that once we had a home we would buy these.


Finally it’s happened!


So… drum roll please…I am so excited to share them now with you. So if you are looking for ideas for garage organization, here are all the items that we bought to organize our garage. 








NOTE: I had a hard time finding things in stock right now, so I created two locations with links. Both of them are the same brands, but different websites. The second board is what I found directly from the manufacturer.

Except for the shoe closet since it’s from a completely different brand.

Happy Spring and Enjoy Beautifying and Decluttering your Homes!

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Serena Essuman


Serena Essuman

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