A few fave pieces from Janie and Jack Sale and Staying Positive During Times of Uncertainty

May 29, 2020

Ring the bells because “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, and it’s not even June. Yes, with everything going on lately I have often caught myself playing Christmas tunes in my head.

This year we have been trying to make the best of life at home. There has been seriously so much going on with the world that to remain positive and have a hopeful outlook to the future can seem close to impossible. Yet, lately I have realized that there are so many things that can take our smile and happiness away, that I just cannot let those things do it anymore.

Trust me when I tell you that in my mind, I often play tunes that go from complete hope for the future, a life with joy, prosperity, success, to the fear of losing it all and end up out on the streets. There are no guarantees with anything in life. But I have realized that thinking, or more so, fearing about it, doesn’t do anything, and if I am going to choose one side, I would rather go for the positive one.

There is a lot of pain in this world. Sometimes if we are not careful we might end up hurting our own selves more than we even need to. So, I try and live as simply as possible and try to avoid giving my own self pain.

Sometimes we can carry pain from holding a grudge, when we are paralyzed by a certain fear, when we create unnecessary limitations, and from worrying.

How does all this apply with a Janie and Jack sale? Well it’s more so the reason why I know I could choose to write about how unfair and cruel this world is, but I thought I’d try and take your mind off of all the worries from this world, and talk about something a bit more light and colorful. No pun intended.

So, here are some cute finds. I looked for well priced items, and by that I mean even cheaper than Target price. Can’t quite beat the Target 5$ deals, sorry couldn’t go straight for the jugular, but I tried and at least go for the gut and get you some very well priced pieces, considering how expensive this store can be when not on sale, that are worth looking at more than once and getting even if it’s just 1 or 2 staple pieces here and there.

Here they are:

I got my boys the matching swimtrunks. I also got the Striped pants and gold and silver shoes for Zara. Great for this upcoming fall and winter. I went one size up to make sure they will fit her perfectly by then. And then I also got my girls the yellow swimsuits.

Serena Essuman


Serena Essuman

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