Easy Hair Do for Kids with Curly Hair

Apr 15, 2020

Curls! They are so beautiful. Million of women with straight hair spend hours purposely curling their hair on a daily basis. But having real curls is a completely different story.

Especially with kids, they don’t care much about hair maintenance, which is partly a good thing. But can also be a double edge sword because especially in the morning they wake up with the worst bed hair. It’s a bit more complicated to brush curls. They also need to be nourished to avoid and frizzies.

Something that I have learned over the years with doing my girl’s hair, is to always get the hair wet. Use amazing leave in conditioners and nourishing oils. Divide the hair into sections. Start by brushing it in the very back. Brush starting with the ends first, and then slowly work your way up. Use spray conditioner in tough areas.

My girls often get lots of tangles and knots especially in the back of their head from moving around in their sleep. I try to make sure their hair is up in a braid or in a pony tail without being too tight whenever they go to sleep.

But the first thing I always do is to either have them wash it, even if just with conditioner, or I spray it and get it really wet.

The key secret to curly hair is really to style it while it’s wet and moisturize it over and over again.

Here are also my favorite products and brushes that I use on my kids’ hair. I have used them since Siena was a little baby and I still use them to this day.

So here is a quick video of how I do Zara’s hair in the morning. I brush one strand at a time until it’s nice and soft everywhere. I love to shape the curls by running them through my fingers.


I am including a few more tutorials as well. I am trying to show you how I do it as the days go by just to give you a different perspective. Also so I can hopefully do a better job with these videos. ☺️

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Serena Essuman


Serena Essuman

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