Mar 31, 2020

I wanted a great pair of mom jeans comfortable to also wear around the home this last year, so I invested on a few favorites. I like both pairs of blue jeans because they are elastic so they are stretchy and super comfortable. Every time I wash them they go right back to their original shape and they stretch to fit my body and how I move. I wear them year round. They are perfect dressed up with a pair of high heels and a nice blouse, and also great with a pair of white sneakers such as these:


…and a sporty sweater such as this one:

I added also an extra pair of paper bag black pants since right now I know they are super popular. They are comfortable, too. They always look elegant and well dressed up. They work for every season. You can wear them during the winter tucked in with a sweater, and quickly switch them around during the summer and wear a blouse instead.

You can see pic below for a quick idea.

I also added a pair of white jeans because I always keep a pair in my closet. White jeans are easy to pair with anything and they always make a statement.

Right now the jeans are also on sale. I never buy mine full price because they always have sales going on.

They are 20% off a whole purchase when making your very own first purchase.

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Serena Essuman


Serena Essuman

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