Lifetime learning will improve your confidence

Feb 28, 2020

“Life is busy, but I continue learning!”

We all know the struggles of finding any personal time after being done with our formal school education. Whether it’s because we start working or because we start a family.

I have read many statistics on how many people never even open another book after being done with college.

After studying for so many years at a rigorous university I remember I needed a little break from textbooks. 

We spend so many years focusing mostly on our education from the age of 6, technically 3. 

I remember one time asking my mom how many years I had left worth of schooling when I was in third grade m, and I counted about 13 more years of school. I grew up in Italy and we had an extra year of high school compared to most countries. I was so happy when my family moved to Spain and I got to cut back by one year. I never forgot how much I did not want to go to school for that long as a child! Still it felt like a very long time.

But the beauty of learning as an adult instead, is that we can finally focus on learning about the things that we truly truly love. 

Not to mention that it’s a good way to keep our brains active. I particularly enjoy how it keeps my brain occupied with good things.

But HOW TO CONTINUE LEARNING as an adult or when we are busy moms raising others?

I personally like to find time to learn when the littles are napping, while they are practicing sports, or at the end of the day after they go to bed.

Over the years I am glad that I didn’t postpone doing some courses once I became a mother, because now I can look back and as the decades go by, I can see how those little certifications have all added up.

My first class after my college degree was a series of Cake Courses from the Wilton Program. 

Shortly after that I got my real estate license. The course was over 100 hours long. I found a school that allowed me to do it all online.

My husband got his license too and to this day he is still practicing it. Numerous times I have been able to go to showings with him and I love that I know everything about it.

I then pursued my mortgage license. It didn’t feel like a great accomplishment at the time. but it was challenging and I was proud for passing the exam after the first try.

A few years later I finally got my fitness license. That one I felt so proud of. It was tough. I did it after I had my fourth baby so I felt like the post partum mommy brain did not help me. But it kept me busy during the late nights. It also helped me to have something to do while I would hold my baby for hours and not feel depressed.

Sometimes having a new born can feel isolating because we spend so much time at home without not much social interaction.

So for me it was great to have something to keep me occupied.

I am still looking forward to do many many other courses.

My licenses did not seem like a huge accomplishment at first. But now that I have slowly compiled them together they have helped me to feel accomplished.

They help me believe in myself. I am learning more and more not to be afraid to invest in myself the right way.

I grew up in a family where we treasured knowledge. My dad was a teacher and would read a lot.

So learning for me is something that now I love to do.

Knowledge is one of the only things we can take with us after this life. So I treasure it and I hope that so will you.

What are some things you dream of learning about? Any courses you wish to take? Any courses you have already taken?

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Serena Essuman


Serena Essuman

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