Depression is the devil stopping you from doing the great that’s inside of you

Feb 22, 2020

Depression’s dark. And only people who have witnessed it can truly comprehend it.

I often didn’t understand it until I was out of it.

But when I rise past those bad moments, I am able to see what happened to me.

Often times when I have been depressed I was believing the lies that the devil wants us to believe.

Some of these are:

1. The belief that I am not worth anything

2. The belief that no one cares about me

3. The belief that no one notices me

4. The belief that I should not be here

5. The belief that others can do this, but not me.

So how can I stop depression?

Satan cannot have a body. Therefore he does not want us to have a body either. And there where he will tempt us to do the same. But we need to believe that God will not tempt us above that which we can bear.

I have had many dark thoughts coming at me when I was depressed. Yet in a very distant way I have often felt the hands of my mom and aunt that have past own present on my shoulders.

Jesus Christ Himself was tempted to take His own life when Satan told Him to jump off a cliff during His 40 day fast.

Because of the fall, and because Satan does know us as well, he will often know what temptations are the ones we may personally be more susceptible to. That’s why different individuals struggle with different things. We all have different weaknesses.

I don’t see depression as a weakness. But what I am saying is that the adversary will use those moments of weakness to His advantage.

We don’t need to go through those moments alone. That’s why it’s so important to let our loved ones know it. A close friend. Have someone to fall upon to help us not go through hard times alone.

If others can do it so can we. When we realize that God truly is our creator and that we are not children of men, but children of Himself, we can start truly understanding that great things do pertain to us. That the promises made to others apply to ourselves, too.

Slowly we can switch those false beliefs and start walking out of the fog. We can start slowly seeing God’s light again and believe again. We can start recognizing His voice and His counsel, and we too can start walking in the sunshine. We can then start our walk away from the darkness of depression and see the not in life and the good things that are awaiting for us as well.

There is a bright future for us. We have to believe it. And if you think that aging is a curse, it’s not. It means that are getting closer and closer to our Heavenly home.

Sometimes I do think that depression is a longing to be with our Heavenly Father. We know that we are not complete here. This world is dark and cruel. This world thank goodness is not it. It yet we need to trust that are supposed to be here at this time for a reason. This is our time. It’s like a little board game. That last a life time. Then we will back with Heavenly Father and all our loved ones. And then our joy will be complete. It’s true that often our joy won’t be full here on earth. Because this is just not it. Thank goodness that there is something better awaiting for us.

This life truly often doesn’t give the best odds to everyone. And that’s why it’s not permanent. That’s why it’s ok to get scars. It’s ok to get old. It’s ok to lose things. To destroy things and build them up again. It’s the purpose of this earth. That why our bodies get stretch marks and turn soggy. Everything perishes here because it’s all just temporary. And thank goodness so that we don’t have to live with our mistakes forever that way.

I personally am happy that some day I’ll get a brand new body with no wrinkles, loose skin, and scars and large pores. I am grateful that all my mistakes even will remain behind.

I hope all of you can see and feel that sunshine and heavenly warmth that we will all receive some day. God knows our intents.

He knows us. He loves us. He forgives. What seems impossible only to us is not to Him.

Believe in the impossible. Magic is what God does and can do.

I hope you can try each day to tell yourself the exact opposite of the lies that Satan wants you to believe. And give yourself a chance. Believe in yourself!

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Serena Essuman


Serena Essuman

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