No more overthinking, time to do it!

Nov 5, 2019

I think of all the thoughts and organization that comes before doing something.

But truth is a lot of times things are simpler than they look.

It’s us that slow things down by thinking about how much we think we’ll need to do.

And the truth is that when we just jump and do things we will get things done.

It’s like standing on a 10 foot trampoline before jumping into a pool. All the anticipation and fear and thoughts and plans.

Yet once we jump we know what to do and the jump lasts only 5 seconds.

Yet if we think about it we only grow more and more anxious and make it harder and harder to jump.

I have realized lately that when it comes to starting something that I love, or doing a new project or something that I am afraid of. I can go ahead and write a game plan. But then I need to be willing to do it and trust that, yes, I might make mistakes along the way but I just need to jump in and do it.

I need to trust that once I am in the situation I will find the solutions the that I need. I will come up with strategies and know how to get myself out of whatever problem might come my way.

I have felt this way even when it came to deciding on weather I wanted another child or not. When I had the desire for it, and I was ready, I ultimately had to do it. I had to believe in myself and psych myself up. By that I mean that I had to tell myself that I would be able to handle it. Get excited about the sleepless nights at times and believe in myself. But ultimately I just had to do it. It was hard at times adjusting to being a bigger family each time, but eventually I adjusted. And I was able to come up with solutions to help us survive and figure things out until we felt like we were adjusted and we knew we could handle life with an extra baby at home.

I am not saying to not jump in if you truly feel you are not ready. Neither to go without a plan. But there is a time where we know we are standing on that diving board and the only thing left to do is jump. We may have our harness on, the instructor gave us the instructions, we have looked down long enough, we know we want to do this, now we need to trust and Jump. Because no more plan will take care of every detail of that fall. Now we need to go and face the unknown and trust ourselves.

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Serena Essuman


Serena Essuman

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