Dealing with kids’ unhappiness

Jan 5, 2019

Today I was trying o to comfort my daughter who woke up late at night.

She was really mad for some reason and nothing I did seem to work. Oftentimes I end up putting her back in her crib because she is my only kid that wants to almost fall asleep being left alone. I think she usually feels uncomfortable when being held and likes to fall asleep laying flat on a comfy mattress instead.

But tonight that was not the case.

It was then that I knew the i just had to stay with her while she was having a bad moment and eventually it would get better.

That’s when it hit me how so many times as a parent, I try and find quick solutions to my kids unhappiness. Whenever they are sad oftentimes I try and find a quick fix that will help solve the problem. To me this was a realization that sometimes I need to be ok with letting time pass by and letting my kids being sad.

I won’t lie, sometimes they make it really hard to be around when they are feeling grumpy. They’ll say no to anything I say, they’ll refuse to do the things they usually love the most, sometimes they’ll try and take it out on each other and go provoke someone around the house. But I guess it’s about teaching them how to cope with pain rather then expecting it to go away right away.

So today that was a lesson and reminder for me to allow them time to stay mad, or sad, or blue, until they finally are ready to move on and go on with their day. And that I cannot expect happy faces all the time or quick solutions to all go back to normal.

Serena Essuman


Serena Essuman

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