Balancing different things

May 17, 2018

I know that I have said it before that I am a full time stay at home mom.

The other day I was thinking about also those women that do work and have different aspects to their lives.

There are million of cases and many things might not work universally for everybody.

There is one aspect that I realized today that I did not want to leave out.

I thought of that part in ourselves that also needs instead an outlet. Whether that is a hobby or a job that hopefully we love so much that we see it as a hobby.

I think life is a juggling act. While in order to have focus we often need to do one thing at a time, for other things like being a mom or with any job, we may not be able to only be a mom and nothing else. We still need to grow as individuals. We still need to stay fit and healthy. We need to eat every day. We need to focus on our mental health and our spiritual health as well. We may be spouses and friends as well. Plus at times we also may need to lend a helping hand to others. For those that work and those that don’t, we all have many hats that need to be balanced to live a full and more satisfying life. Doesn’t mean you will always be happy. Just more balanced.

Things constantly shift and go out of balance and we often need to readjust. It’s important to remember what is number 1, together with all the other things that may be a smaller part of our lives, but still extremely important.


Serena Essuman


Serena Essuman

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