Don’t overthink, it’s time to do it

May 16, 2018

Have you ever been told that you think too much? I used to be told that by quite a few people. I like to plan everything to the T and with that often comes the worrying about the things that I cannot control. People would often just say to me, “You are thinking too much”, and quite frankly I had no idea what that meant. How can I stop thinking?

This is how I have personally learned to stop thinking so much but still keep my thoughts, because it’s impossible not to think.

I have realized over time that there are things that I cannot possibly control in life. For example I can write a blog, but I can’t control if people will read it. Or I was recently trying to become a gym instructor. In order to do it I had to become certified. I wanted to teach at the gym, but I had no guarantee I would be hired, but I had to spend the money and get certified in order to even know if I had a chance. AAHHHH!!!!!

I knew eventually that I just had to take that leap of faith, not worry about all the details. Like, Will I be a good teacher? Will people come to my class? When will I find the time to plan my classes? Will I remember everything I am learning? Where will I buy my music? When would it be the best time out of the day to teach for me? Will someone quit so a spot opens up for me to teach? My list just for this could go on forever. I tend to worry about things quite a bit. told you I like to have everything planned.

I recently notice though, that a lot of people that have had success didn’t quite have it all together right away. They just took the leap and jumped and then things just slowly were placed together.

It’s like getting married and having kids. I prepared as much as I could, but nothing could have prepared me for how our lives actually turned out. There are hiccups that we never imagined, figuring out careers, sicknesses in the family, etc. etc. I took the leap and got my systems in place one at a time.

For me to think less means that I have to quiet those voices out and only think, “OK! What is step one?” With me wanting to teach at the gym, STEP 1 was getting certified.

I loved that I was watching a tutorial on how to create a blog and even the guy at some point said, “Hey, You could plan all day long, eventually you just need to do it and get it going.” I am so grateful he said that. Because I would have been the one to just get stuck on some of the steps for a year and I would have never even published a post. Thank you Authority Hacker for that reminder!

Last but not least, I have learned that I can spend a lot of time sitting and thinking about what I want to do, or I can take action. So it’s about focusing on taking action and doing the physical work, more than spending time about planning and strategizing. Recognizing that we truly are capable to take anything that will come at us and trusting in our abilities because we will be able to solve problems. And we can’t we can find help for it.

We can do hard things. The joy on the other side of what we are thinking of doing is absolutely worth all the sacrifices and possible challenges  that will come ahead.

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Serena Essuman


Serena Essuman

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