This Post is for those Silent Heroes that I Call Moms!

May 11, 2018

Do you ever feel like you want to share what makes you you, but you are not sure how? I think for years I have been conflicted as to what I wanted to be or do, but it was all because I was trying to go against what was truly me all along.

This past year particularly I have been so conflicted. I see a world that changes so much, where values are shifting so much, that I see myself disappearing.

Like as if once I used to have an identity and be somebody, and now what I am and do is no longer accepted by anyone. I have actually felt so alone these past two years because of that. So I decided to push back and to just come out and say it. Haha, nope I’m not announcing that I’m gay or joining some weird cult.
Just saying that “I believe in the traditional family and love it”.
I believe in the SUPER STAY-AT-HOME-MOMS. And that’s what I have always dreamt of being for a very long time in my life. It wasn’t my only dream, but it was definitely one of my biggest desires since I was very young.
Maybe I am crazy and none of you feel that way. Please let me know. I just feel like these past few years I had worried so much about not offending people in society and accepting everyone, that I slowly let others disrespect me and what I believe in.

I also often look at women wanting to be empowered, but I feel that it’s become more about women making money, rather than women that are valued even when they don’t make a penny. I constantly educate myself to stay caught up with the times in case I ever have to go back to work.  I understand that not everyone can afford to stay at home all the time and not work.
But I also would like to take the “just” out of that statement. Because nowadays I see a shift where being a mom is being considered not enough anymore.

I also see the side of the world that sees stay at home moms as the ones that drink wine all day, do 5 hours of yoga and have 3 hours a day to do their make up. And while there is a potential for that to happen if you don’t use your time wisely, I think that can happen to anyone. A person may work all day and have a good job, but then either work too much, or come home and not use the time left out of his day wisely.

When I think of women being empowered I think there is a lot more to fight for still. What about women being more than just their awesome toned body? ?

Or having value despite what amount of ? you bring home? I think that is a pressure that both men and women are facing nowadays as well.

So I just want to say that I am a huge believer in being a full time mom. And not just sitting at home on the couch. But being the full package. From being the bus ? driver, to the nutritionist for my kids and husband, to educating myself and teaching my children ??, to cleaning our little kingdom here at home ? , and to being the psychologist for this family. I see that when I shift my focus on how important it is to raise these little kids and do it right, there isn’t enough time out of the day for me to sit around and watch tv, or to take a nap ? (unless sleep is necessary or I’ll go crazy). And I probably will definitely not have time to make our family billions soon.

I also have realized in my life that to me being a mom is more important than making money and that it is worth it to me to take a pay cut on our family finances than to be gone out of the home and not have time for what matters most at times. By saying this it doesn’t mean that you can’t DO SOMETHING ON THE SIDE THAT YOU LOVE. I totally believe in developing your passions and SHARING YOUR LIGHT WITH THE WORLD. But me personally, I want to be a mother first.

And some may be lucky enough to be millionaires with very little effort. But we all know that most things tend to come at a price and through hard work and lots of time invested.

And I am not saying that you shouldn’t work if you need to either. I am talking about making the sacrifice if you know you could.

Most years of my life I don’t make a single penny! In fact I spend most of the money my husband makes ?. I’m the one that buys our kids clothes, food, and handles where a lot of what we make goes. (My job is more so to make sure we spend the least amount of money out of what my husband makes). I spend half my life at home ?, and I juggle a million things.

I wish I could live in a beautiful castle for my kids. I think we can still achieve that with my husband working alone, but I know that it may come a bit more slowly than if I had decided to work instead. But it’s a sacrifice that I am ok to make. And I still think we can achieve those dreams.

I feel like 5 years ago I had a huge community of other women that were stay at home moms and that were ok with it. But lately I have actually felt so lonely and I feel like this type of woman is disappearing.

So I am going to come out and share everything I love about motherhood, all the work that goes behind being a great mom, everything I know from cooking a meal, to cleaning, to children’s psychology. And I am making a come back for full time moms out there.

I will not say that I do everything that I am going to share, but please do not attack me for teaching about the path that I myself may struggle to follow at times. But this is the path that I love and that I know to be right.
So I hope you’ll enjoy reading, seeing and learning with me as I share.

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Serena Essuman


Serena Essuman

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  1. Ashlee

    I love this Serena! I often feel alone myself, I wish we lived closer to each other =)

    • theessumanfamily

      Thank you! That means a lot. I want to come to Washington and Oregon soon and we need to see each other. I know. Things seem to be changing quite a bit. I’m trying to have more fun with the kids and focus on creating memories before they will be gone 🙂


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