Traveling on lonelier roads

Dec 26, 2019


We watched this wonderful video of the story of the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas Eve with our family and friends.

As I watched this video I couldn’t stop from tearing up as I watched the tender moments between Joseph and Mary. As they went through the hardships of life and as they travelled often alone. As they pushed through together as a couple in faith while going through moments where I wonder if they at times felt that they weren’t quite sure what they were doing.

I kept thinking about the words of Jeffrey R. Holland earlier this week when he described Mary as a woman who now is so highly spoken of, but who at the time may have not felt that way.

While watching this video I kept thinking how during her life she probably spent many moments alone, loving her day to day life, but yet doing good. She quietly raised a son in the security of her own home. She did it without the cheers from crowds.

I have loved being able to learn from the example of Mary and Joseph because it reminded me of all the times when in my own life I have felt alone.

My husband and I often try to make the best decisions for our family and often times we are alone through that. I think at times we all go through moments where we get no recognition, but rather opposition for doing good.

As I write these words I can get flash backs of our family life these past few years.

I can think of all the moments where we have decided to make the best decisions for the future of our family and children.

Often times no one else around us was doing what we had decided to do. We had to go on our own path and together make what were right decisions, but also tough to stick with.

But I love the hope that this video gives me. Because it helps me to realize that sometimes what we are doing in the moment feels inconsequential.

Feels like it’s noticed by no one and as if it will just die buried in the darkest of abiss with us some day.

But that’s not true. Because good lives on. Good lives beyond our lives. Good is remembered. Sometimes it’s not noticed until after, but it will be there. And often times it will be recognized even more when looked back upon.

It’s probably not what many of us love to hear. We all wish we could be instantly rewarded for the good we do. Sometimes we are. But other things will have to wait. But they will come whether in this life or in the next one.

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Serena Essuman


Serena Essuman

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