How to Substitute Eggs in Desserts

I recently was trying to make a cake at home when I found out I had to eggs. So I googled how to substitute them with other ingredients. In the past I have done it with a little bit of Flax Seed, but it’s not a fool proof method and often has it’s cons depending on what you are making.

But today I found this cute chart and I did not want to pass on the opportunity to reshare it with you.

I used it today for example when making chocolate peach cake. I needed an extra 2 eggs so I used yogurt instead. I liked the result and i thought the cake tasted fabulous still.

The pictures explain it but I will translate it.

Option one are bananas.

Option two, or row two is Potato Starch or Corn Starch, AMIDO DI MAIS OR FECOLA DI PATATE.

Option three is milk and last but not least, the fourth row calls for milk (LATTE), and ACETO DI MELE means Apple cider vinegar.

Cucchiaio means Spoon. The larger ones for soup, not the smaller ones for dessert.

Chart thanks to

Love, M. Serena Essuman

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