Best online learning programs for homeschoolers and to raise smart kids

This year we started homeschooling our two oldest kids. Davide, 9, is in 4th grade, while Siena, 8, is in 3rd grade. We have used the Utah Online program for their learning. They offer access to many amazing programs all for free if you sign up. You can follow this program from anywhere in the world.

We also started using a lot of other supplements because we wanted them to have lots of fun. So I’ll be short and quickly list some of our favorites right below.

1. Mystery Science

This one is completely free and has the option to be a subscription or you can get a weekly science video where Doug, teacher and creator of the website, answers a science question asked by a student. You can submit questions too and vote for your next favorite mistery to be solved. I love how he is really good at instilling in children a passion for curiosity and love of learning.

2. Kiwi Co Crates

Have you ever seen these crates? They are the cutest thing ever. They come as a monthly subscription and you receive all of the equipment and instructions at your front door. Plus a booklet that teaches your kids all the science behind their current project. My kids are always so excited whenever we receive their monthly box. They go and build it the minute they have some free time. And they love to play with the project. They feel so accomplished.

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When you sign up you will receive a science crate based on your child’s age. You will receive a project once a month. Subscriptions can be as short as 3 months. In the mail your child will receive a package with all the pieces and he will get to build his own science project, learn all about it with a book. Projects are for every age up to high school.

You can also purchase individual projects only for your child. They make great birthday gifts. The projects are made for children of many ages. You can check out their website by clicking below.

3. Typing Agent

Teaches children computer safety as well how to type.

4. Utah Compose

A Utah online program where children can learn how to write a specific paper, and also submit their work for immediate feedback.

5. Rosetta Stone

You can choose any language to learn on the computer. We are currently working on Italian.

6. MobyMax

Great math supplement. Finds gaps in your child’s math learning and helps them practice until they are ready to advance

7. Lexia

This program is great kids who are learning how to read. Many schools offer this program for free, but anyone can sign up and use it as well.

8. Starfall

This program is great for preschoolers. The app is free has a few sample books for anyone who would like to try it out.

9. Khan Academy Kids

This one comes as a free app as well. You can choose any subject if interest and allows your child to practice.

10. Saxon Math

My all time favorite math program. Books can be found on amazon. I linked the best package for you right here. Some websites offer short lessons before your child moves on straight to the homework part.

These are my favorite supplemts instead for my kids Language Arts. There is a book for any grade from K through 8th grade. The exercises are easy to comprehend and come with answers at the end of the book.

These are instead our favorite books for history and for learning about dinosaurs. My 4 year old is particularly enthrolled with the dinosaur one. There is lots of great information in them and my kids will often grab these without me even having to remind them about it.

Can’t forget the Magic Schoo Bus. Teachers love to use these at school as well.

We love to teach our kids how to cook and this is one of my favorite cookbook for them

Nowadyas there are many educational shows that teachers even use at home. These our favorites.

National Geographic Kids


Wild Kratts

Magic School Bus

Master Chef Junior

Love, M. Serena Essuman

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