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Apr 17, 2020

Hello! I hope you are staying safe at home. This is such a delicate time in history. I know that it can be so scary for so many people as well. I often see the fear in so many people’s eyes as I go out and about. I too often have sat feeling those fears. I would call it panic. I have thought how as humans we tend to see certain situations as permanent. We sometimes get caught up into thinking that things are only heading from bad to worse and forget to look up and look ahead. One of my dearest friends likes to always say to me: ” You have a bright future ahead of you.” I hope we can try and replace fear with hopeful thoughts of knowing that Heaven will always triumph over evil. That we are not alone in this and that better days await ahead of us.

Since being at home we have taken the time to have fun and do things we haven’t done in almost a decade. If you haven’t seen it yet, my husband took some time to dance.

I on the other side have been exercising a lot, and have been working on stretching my muscles. I know weird, but so good. I also have been taking the time to play music, sing, cook, write, etc. It has made me love this forced vacation on us. This moment I actually sometimes realize that has given me permission to stop worrying about money perhaps, and focus on other things even though it’s draining the bank account a bit. But it’s ok, because I know that if we can look past all this, new days ahead filled will work will still await.

Another thing I have been enjoying doing is organizing. We have been setting up a few things and organizing around here. I wanted to share some of the items that I particularly am the most proud of as of lately. I have linked a few below and I have created a Wayfair board of all my favorite items.

The WHITE CLOSET is for shoes and can be hung. Perfect for the garage. You can still sweep and spray the garage with water and you won’t damage the closet in the process.

We use the felt BASKETS for our boys closets to store clothes and loosed items.

I also have finally organized the JEWERLY with a nice BOX. And have added boxes to our closet.

I have used the wicker boxes for socks and lately I have replaced them with the pink and light gray boxes.

The light gray ones are very deep. I measured our shelves before getting them to make sure they would fit right.

You can find all the items mentioned above right below.

My drawer organizers I purchased HERE on Amazon. They are perfect to keep things tidy and prevent them from sliding around.

drawer organizer set for bathroom
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I have saved MANY MORE items for organization on my board on AMAZON. I absolutely love how organized they keep everything. They are made in a way to fit most standard drawer sizes and they can be rearranged however you like them to be. I measured my drawers first before I bought mine in order to buy the right amount to fill up the whole drawer.

I periodically save my favorite beauty finds and awesome deals. I keep my boards simple and organized without adding too many items. I add the things that I personally buy and that help us be organized. I shop around for these items to find the best price.

Make sure to FOLLOW MY BOARD on AMAZON if you’d like to go there directly whenever you are on the website and to see the things that I periodically add. I only include items that I know that can be helpful for you and useful for you.

I am also including right here a few items from my list above plus some, that can be found on WAYFAIR.

One of my favorite items from this board are the hanging racks to hang dry clothes in the laundry room. I have used them for the last few years. I had 1 up on our walls when we lived in our townhome and has a little less room. They are perfect because they keep things out of the floor area and the racks can be kept closed even with clothes on.

I have 2 up now that we have a bigger family and a more wall salve for them. I could never go back to using a floor rack after using these ones.

They are designed in a way to match the custom built ones in luxury laundry rooms.

Serena Essuman


Serena Essuman

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