Nursery Room Favorites

Mar 5, 2020

I wanted to share today a few of my favorite items for my babies’ room. I have had the same set of furniture since I had my very first baby. Our nursery converts into a full bed so I guess at some point we might turn it into a regular bedroom.

Our crib was originally brown in color. I refinished all the pieces when I has my girl Siena. I did a gray color at the time with Crystal Knobs. I kept it the same for Dorian, and then I refinished everything in white once I had baby Zara.

Zara’s current room colors are gold, white and pink.

My latest project was placing stars on Zara’s wall behind her crib. They are dreamy and warm up the space in the room. You can find where I got them by clicking the link on the photo below.

I like these gold spheres for decorating book shelves or shelves around the room. Link in photo.

These are some of the pieces that I added when I had baby Zara. They are all over the web lately and I really like how they add a warm touch to her bedroom. You can scroll side to side to view them.

I like to have some toys to decorate around our books as well

I am very minimalistic with what I buy, and I have kept these pieces throghout the years. Enjoy!

Serena Essuman


Serena Essuman

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