The top 5 Lipsticks worth owning to never buy lipstick again

Feb 21, 2020

Alright ladies, I am so excited to share this with you. I used to own so many different lipsticks and use none of them. I loved a lot of brown hues for the longest time, and nudes. I have bought so many lipsticks over the years. I eventually had to purge them all because they were either too dark, or didn’t match any of my clothes or the texture just didn’t work out.

I am a huge Mac Lover when it comes to make up. I use it for my foundations, powders, and lipsticks.

So I wanted to share my favorite colors today that I currently own.

I have bought these over the years, and added to my collections as needed and as I would build my closet.

I have chosen these shades at first because I wanted lipsticks that matched the natural color of lips, and I also wanted versatile colors that would go my wardrobe. I’ll tell you which colors I do with what.

  1. SEE SHEER: This one is a more corally color. I love it during the summer especially when I wear brighter colors that orange, beige, yellow, or green.
  2. GIDDY: This very muted pink, is very suddle and doesn’t scream, I am wearing pink lipstick. But it gives you just enough pink so that you can match your outfits whenever wearing pink tones.
  3. SKEW: This color is a combo of a pink and natural lip color at the same time. I chose it because it’s the perfect no lipstick look. Gives you just a tad of color, but doesn’t, look like you are wearing lipstick. I like it for my mom days where I just need something to give me a tad of color, but I don’t have time to line my lips or do much else.
  4. MODESTY: This one is my go to nude. It’s not Kim Kardashian pasty nude, but it’s very neutral. I like to wear during winter days, even with red tones when I want a neutral color on.
  5. VELVET TEDDY: I got this one because I often wear kacky color pants, ivory color sweaters, beige, and browns. This one is my go to winter lipstick.

THESE LAST THREE ARE MY BONUS and EXTRAS lipsticks, but i wanted to include them because even though they are not my everyday go to lipsticks, they are worth having for special occasions.

  1. BOMBSHELL: If you are looking for some shimmer, and a bit more bold pink, this one is the color for you. It has very light pink tones.
  2. CANDY YUM YUM: If you are going for a bold super pink, almost fuchsia, this is my go to lipstick. I rarely wear it, but I do love it because I love a pink lipstick more than anything else.
  3. VIVA GLAM ii Red: This one is not your berry bright red, or London flag type color red, but it’s a very classic carmine color, almost like a red rose type red. I would use it for going to a fancy dinner, or for events that all for a womanly, and more classy woman type lipstick tone.


Serena Essuman


Serena Essuman

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