What should you consider before moving to a new city?

Jan 10, 2020

If you feel like you’re in a rut and you’re ready for something new and exciting in your life, you may consider picking up and moving to a new city. Maybe you feel like you’re ready to meet a new, diverse group of people, or you feel like you need to grow within your career but can’t do that in your hometown. Whatever the reason, there are a lot of things to consider before taking the plunge and making the big move. Here are some things to think about before you pack your bags and head off for greener pastures.

Job Opportunities

If you’re looking to grow in your field but feel like you’ve hit a wall in your current town, moving to a new city may present you with new opportunities and, with that, a higher income. Depending on the industry in which you work, you may have better luck in certain areas over others. Just because you’re moving to a big city, doesn’t mean more money and opportunity. In fact, in some fields, moving to a new city might mean more competition and you might have a more difficult time finding a job. Create a list of the places you’d like to live and check the job market in these areas for your field. For example, you may have always wanted to live in Las Vegas, but STEM jobs there pay very little compared to cities such as Colorado Springs, CO, and Houston, TX.

Cost of Living

Another thing to look at when moving to a new area is how much it costs to live there. There are a lot of major cities that are more affordable than others, but this needs to be weighed against how much you’ll be making. Regardless of whether you’re going to rent an apartment first or jump right into buying a home, you should check real estate prices in your area to get a sense of the average prices of homes in your area. Do your research and compare various cities you are considering across the country. For example, look up Boston, Seattle, and Princeton houses for sale and compare that with the average income for those areas to see if they’ll be affordable for you.

Utah right now is also a great emerging market where the cost of housing is still relatively low compared to the national average.

Make sure to hire a local expert in the field to help you with the purchase of your home.

Quality of Life

No matter how much money you’re making, you can’t put a price on happiness. When you’re looking to move, consider the factors that will improve your quality of life in your new home. You want to consider things such as crime, quality of education, and quality of healthcare. You also want to settle down in a place that is diverse and full of culture to experience. If you’re into the outdoors, look into moving closer to national parks and hiking trails. If your favorite spot is the beach on a hot summer day, consider places in warmer climates that are not far from the beach. Wherever you choose, make sure your day-to-day life will be fulfilling.

Serena Essuman


Serena Essuman

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